Architectural Photography by Deepshikha Jain

Villa Savoye, Poissy, France | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Villa Savoye, Poissy, France | Image © Deepshikha Jain


[quote style=”3″]Expressing creativity by blending Architecture, Travel and Photography is what Deepshikha Jain, an architectural photographer from Mumbai, India  is passionate about and loves to explore![/quote]


Name of the Architect/Artist: Deepshikha Jain
Location:  Mumbai, India
Contact Email:
Website URL: www.deepshikhajain.com


Tell us a little about yourself
After graduating in Architecture from Bombay, I pursued a Master’s in Photography from Paris. I can easily be seen as a hybrid, having embraced one world without abandoning the other. Having a flair for Travel and Architecture, I have traveled across the Indian sub-continent and parts of Europe and the UK, some times just to see why a certain piece of Architecture is so rated and at times to be mesmerized by it. I have toured widely across France capturing Le- Corbusier’s works.

What drew you to photography from architecture?
It took 5 years in architecture for me to know that I am interested in photography and that’s where my heart was. And I am still a part of architecture, just in my own way.

What is the key difference between Architectural photography vs. other?
Well, it brings two of my greatest loves together travel and architecture. Quite obviously none of the other photography do that.

Landscape | Image © Deepshikha Jain

How important is to understand architecture to shoot an architectural form?
It’s very important to understand the architectural form and the architects intention before shooting. It helps in highlighting and finding innovative angles when that background information is available.

Barcelona-Spain | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Which is the most exciting project you have worked on so far?
TCS Banyan Park by Tod Williams and Billie Tsein in collaboration with Brinda Somaya that I photographed for Domus.

Abandoned | Image © Deepshikha Jain

What is most challenging part of being an architectural photographer?
Finding yourself in every architects project is the most challenging part, because you don’t always agree with the architecture of a project and you still have to shoot it in the best way possible.

DJ[4] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Which camera do you use?
Canon 5d Mark II.

Lisbon-Portugal | Image © Deepshikha Jain

What is your next project?
My next project is a visual documentary on the changing urban landscape of Bombay and its absurdity with respect to its surroundings.

Mumbai-India | Image © Deepshikha Jain

What role does travelling have in your life?
Travel plays a very very important part in my life. Its what I live for. I put up a lot of my travel photography on and on twttier: dreamsndjalebis.

DJ[8] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[11] | Image © Deepshikha Jain


How do you market or promote your work?
Through my website: , twitter: dreamsndjalebis, facebook page: Deepshikha Jain Photography and tumblr:

DJ[10] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

How has photography helped you explore yourself?
It has taught me the one thing I never possessed – Patience. Sometimes you have to wait for a long time in the same spot to get the perfect shot.

DJ[6] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Paris-France | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[14] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

What advice would you give to new architectural photographers?
I am relatively new myself. So I don’t really have advice to give, just follow the same principles you learnt in architecture as a first year student and apply them to photography.

La-Tourette-Monastery-France | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Delhi-India | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Whose work (Architect’s) would you wish to shoot?
Right now, I would just like to photograph all kinds of architects and their works. When I have worked enough, which I don’t think will ever be the case, I will choose the architecture I want to photograph.

DJ[1] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Monet’s-village-France | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Auroville-India[1]  | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Auroville-India[2] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Auroville-India[3] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[13] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[15] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Looking-Up | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[2] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[5] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Ronchamp-Chapel-France[1] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Ruins-France | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[17] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

La-Tourettte-Monastery-France | Image © Deepshikha Jain

DJ[12]  | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Jüdisches-Museum-Berlin-Germany | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Barcelona-Spain[1] | Image © Deepshikha Jain

Barcelona-Spain[2] | Image © Deepshikha Jain



Part of a conference on ‘Architecture and our city’, along with prominent architects – Brinda Somaya and Mustansir Dalvi, hosted by Avid Learning in collaboration with Studio X and Timeout India.

Group show, V U E, Wahington D.C, U.S.A.
Solo show, The Kala Ghoda Gallery, Bombay, India.
Solo show, Studio X, Bombay, India.

Group show, Chambre Avec Vues, Paris, France.

Domus, Feb 2012 (cover, photo essay and story)
Indian Architects and Builders, March 2012 (photo essay)

To see more works by Deepshikha Jain, visit her website: www.deepshikhajain.com

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