Architectural Photography by Subin Selva

SS[6] | Image © Subin Selva

SS[6] | Image © Subin Selva

Name of the Architect/Artist: Subin Selva
Location:  Mumbai, India
Contact Email:
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Subin_SelvaTell us a little about yourself:
I completed my graduation in architecture in 2011. I started off with clicking pictures in my first year of architecture where I captured buildings, looking at them as pieces of abstract art. Through further research, trials, countless photo shoots my interest in photography deepened. In no time I had made up my mind to make the subject my profession.

What drew you to photography from architecture?
Thinking different, thinking abstract has always been my goal.  Creating and developing a difference in the arts of architecture and photography has always given me immense satisfaction. Working in the field of architecture I thought of having a different approach to architecture through the art of photography. My basics in architecture education helped me understand the buildings, the planning and the spaces better. While, the basics in photography helped me understand the visual experience better.

For me both draw inspiration from each other.

SS[9] | Image © Subin Selva

Which is the most exciting project you have worked on so far? 

  • House of MG, Ahmedabad (Mangaldas ni Haveli)
  • Bungalow of Mr.D.K. Patel, Ahmedabad.
  • Interiors of an apartment for Architect Tej Wagh.
  • Interiors of a Bungalow for Architect Pragnesh Shah.

SS[8] | Image © Subin Selva

What is most challenging part of being an architectural photographer?
I believe “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” – that there always is some beauty in any and every thing. We just need to bring out the best in it and look at it through that lens.

My aim in all projects or destinations I shoot in is to trying to convey the expression of the tangible and intangible emotions of the built and the un-built environment.

SS[5] | Image © Subin Selva

Which camera do you use?
Nikon D7000.

Which is your next project?
Since photography is a hobby I am always on a prowl for new things or buildings to shoot. Fond of perfumes, watches, shoes or any brand new object or product in an innovative and complimentary manner also forms my passion. I need not have an assigned “project” for the same. Hence the next “project” for now is shooting a brand new perfume bottle that can be returned to my friend at the earliest! Apart from that I may be getting an opportunity to document a well wisher’s interior project.

SS[7] | Image © Subin Selva

What role does travelling have in your life?
I am a Tamilian born and brought up in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. Majority of people I meet or have met have always been different-religion, language colour, state yet so similar! Mannerisms, emotions, beliefs, faiths describe and define them. India being a larger zoomed out version of Mumbai has its own diversities- culturally, geographically, climatically, linguistically etc. Yet the people everywhere are same- superficially or really!

Travel for me hence is the beautiful blend of the intangible and tangible aspects of our existence. The intangible being- people and their colourful range of emotions, reactions, reflexes with the tangible-built environment.

SS[10] | Image © Subin Selva

How do you market or promote your work?
I have not yet got the opportunity to display my works in print. It is definitely on the cards. Seeing the Internet and social media boom right now I have put up my best works on creative space like Behance and social media like Facebook.

SS[2] | Image © Subin Selva

How photography has helped you explore yourself?
When any object comes in contact with you it leaves an impression- positive and less positive. While I am shooting a space or an object- my aim is always to bring out the best of the worst. I have followed the same philosophy in life- to gain from the work I do I try and bring out the best in myself.

SS[3] | Image © Subin Selva

Whose work (Architect’s) you would wish to shoot?

  • Louis I Kahn (The Exeter Library atrium, The Kimbell Art Museum)
  • Tadao Ando (The church of Light in winter )
  • Antonio Gaudi
  • Nari Gandhi
  • Abha Narain Lambah
  • Morphogenesis, New Delhi
  • Sanjay Puri
  • Samira Rathod

SS[1] | Image © Subin Selva SS[4] | Image © Subin Selva SS[11] | Image © Subin Selva







iGoogle Photography competition 2009:
Google announced the iGoogle Photography Competition in collaboration with Saatchi Gallery London in 2009. It was essentially a global competition for students to create themes for iGoogle. Being the lucky one – I was the only participant from India who was selected for the iGoogle Event in London and reached the top 6 shortlisted photos of all the various entries.

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