Baba Marble, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Project Name: Baba Marble
Project Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
Architectural Group: Dipen Gada and Associates
Principal Architect/Designer: Dipen Gada, Samarth Savla Other Consultants: Prime Engineers, Bharat Mistry, OM Engineers Client: Rahul
Project Completion Year:
2020 Total Area : 9805 Sq. Ft
Built-Up Area: 15,790 Sq. Ft
Project Type: Commercial Image Courtesy/Copyright: Sudhir Parmar

Normally for a marble or stone showroom, a well Spreaded area is most important to display a lot of variety at a stretch.

But when there is lack of Spreaded area and constrain in plot size, it’s a real challenge to accommodate number of variety and stock of stone at a stretch.

In that case, design aspect is very crucial and one has to think differently.

At Baba Marble, we faced a challenge of constrain of land as plot area is only 9,805 Sq. Ft. After leaving the needful margin on all side, we were left with only 4,000 Sq. Ft as plinth area which in a way is very less in terms of stocking of variety of marbles. So, we decided to go vertical both ways.

On Ground Floor, Italian marble stock is being displayed as we made structure able to withstand load of marble as well. This way we accommodated marble stock on Ground Floor and First Floor.

On Second Floor, it’s being used to display the variety of tiles which is a new vertical for the owner. Third Floor is utilized half for the marble articles and half is the terrace area which is for the display of marble articles along with solar roof, fulfilling need of entire building.

The Basement, which is actually a parking space is also wisely used for display of various Indian Stones with various finishes on the wall. Here without violating any norms we have utilized the area for a nicer display which is serving the purpose of displaying Indian Stone detail.

The owner is very well known in the dealing of Indian Stones since years and we also wanted to promote Indian materials at its best with the variety of applications and finishes.

That is being reflected in the entire development of store. The core material used in major construction is expose concrete which is meticulously detailed out in a way that it becomes the final finish of overall environment.

Along with that, stone is being utilized to enhance the beauty of store along with techniques of application which is innovatively tried out in the front screen which is kinetic in nature and fulfils multiple technical aspects.

The main façade is facing to North, enables us to play with glass openings which is being covered with the stone screens which is kinetic and gives n number of textures which are automatically created by the wind.

This creates a very interesting sciography and control the light as required on each floor. The cutting pattern in each stone is meticulously defined from bigger holes at lower level to smaller holes at upper level and circular pattern is being created with the use of 2 different materials which are textured Agra Stone and Burnt Black Granite.

Side façade of the building is being cladded with plain and texture red Agra stone strips which gives a volumetric stone block and looks like floating on the terrace garden from first floor onwards. Two offsets and the building block is the result of cross front which is being converted into advantage into the dynamic look of the building.

We have tried to use all the basic materials as much as possible in their original forms. Right from concrete to kota stone to red Agra stone. Floor wise a different characteristic is being created as per subjective use.

In totality, we have tried to respect the pure form of architecture where we get the maximum natural light from each floor with adequate cut outs being given in the floor plates.

This entire building is based on green architecture where minimum energy is being consumed and produced by solar panels which fulfil the need of total power consumption.

About: Dipen Gada and Associates popularly known as DGA, began as a very modest interior design firm. Gradually with time and every project accomplished, DGA evolved from an exclusive interior design firm to a civil and architectural planning firm and attained the position as one of the respectable and admired firms of India.

Since its inception in 1993, DGA has made its presence felt through innovative, minimalistic and timeless designs. The principal designer and founder of the firm, Mr. Dipen Gada holds a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from M.S University, Vadodara, Gujarat.

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