From Architecture to Art


MeditationIdentifying your true passion and to do what you love is not everyone is inherited with. It takes strong belief in self and courage to pursue your dreams and turning them into reality. Our today’s story covers an Architect cum designer, who identified her true potential as an artist to display her love and sensitivity towards Indian art, architecture and culture.

Pragati Sharma

Artists Name: Pragati Sharma
Specialization: Experimental Painting in Assorted Media
Location: Connecticut, USA
Image Courtesy/Copyright: Pragati Sharma

Pragati Sharma is an emerging and fast evolving artist with several reputable shows and international recognitions in her bag. She is an industrial designer and an architect by qualification. Being tagged creative since early childhood, she continued to hone her artistic talents and went on to acquire her Bachelors in Architecture from college of Architecture in Lucknow & Masters in Product Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design, India.

King and Castle

Hailing from North India and having travelled and lived in many parts of the world, she understands and appreciates the beauty that is inherent in diverse cultures, tradition, art, and architecture. Her works are ethnic yet simplified and reflect her Indian roots. Pragati draws inspiration from her rich traditional esthetic values and then uses her unique visual interpretation to create an abstract medley to give a new meaning to her works.


Haveli Sacred Geometry


[quote style=”1″]I am lucky that I studied architecture and design and then chose to become an artist. It has given me a fresh perspective and vision…it has a very positive role to play in my art journey…[/quote]

Her works are often tied together by a story from the great Indian epics like the Mahabharata or the Ramayana to form the basic structure. She then add personality and individuality to these works through fine detailing that draws inspiration from every aspect of life around her like folk arts, fashion, people, music, home, media, culture and the environment. This is how she creates a balance between past and present. For Pragati it is essential to remain in touch with her roots while appreciating and seamlessly blending into her multi-cultural life in the west.

Raas LeelaRas BheeniNataraj


[quote style=”1″]when you are in harmony with your inner-self, you start seeing and appreciating art everywhere. And then whole world becomes your canvas…[/quote]

Her works are a part of several public and private collections across the globe. Her artwork is currently on display at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Because of the unique healing and soothing qualities of her art, she has been invited to display her works at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Research Center. At some recent showings at Charter Oak Cultural Center, CT & Harvard University, MA, Pragati made her acquaintance with art collectors, whose discerning eyes spotted the potential and promise her work held.

Looking WithinLooking Within BreastLooking Within Blood


Recently, she was selected as one of only 3 artists for a Habitat for Humanity public art Project in Vancouver, Canada and her art works have been selected for CRY (Child Relief and You) products in 2012. Her works were recently showcased at the world famous Times Square, on large bill boards as she was one of the selected artists by Artist Wanted.

Pragati’s works gets regularly featured in local newspapers and magazines.

To see more works by Pragati Sharma, visit her website –