Raise-India Homes 2020Source: Tata Tiscon


Design & Build homes flexible enough to take on the future!

RAISE invites all engineers and architects to compete in the design for Future Flexible Homes in India 2020. The Theme is “Flexible Buildings“.

To enter: Submit a house design that demonstrates how a single (possibly RCC) framed structure can support modifications to suit 2 different types of families- nuclear and extended. You will have to design the primary structure, and develop its flexible spatial modifications. The house type should fit into a suburban or small town context easily.

The house should fit within a 3000 sq.ft plot and have 1500 sq.ft built up area. Location and shape of plot can be selected by the designer.

If your design qualifies: You will be invited to build anywhere between 1-3 houses in different, pre-selected locations in India. The design/s will get extensive media coverage and possibly get prototyped.


RAISE- Responsible Architectural Initiatives and Structural Engineering – is a TATA TISCON Initiative to develop an interest in Responsible Architecture and Engineering.

[quote style=”1″]For the purpose of clarity, an interpretation of the phrase “responsible building” is one that is cognizant and respectful to its purpose, environment and end user[/quote]

Responsible Architecture or Engineering has been typically equated with Green Buildings and sustainable architecture. The use of non-renewable resources with restraint, with limited site damage has been the cornerstone of this movement. Responsibility includes sustainability and social responsibility.


Introduction of INDIA HOMES 2020 | July 23rd, 2012

Competition launch | August 15th, 2012

Submission closes | December 10th, 2012


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