Kapoor House, Ahmedabad

the-'coffee'-corner | Image © PVDRS

contemporary-and-personalised-space_01 | Image © PVDRS

Architectural Group: PVDRS, Ahmedabad
Architects/Designers Name: Megha Patel-Vadodaria
Project Location: 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India
Project Year (Completion): 
Project Type: 
Residential – Interior
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concealed-LED-strip-lighting-under-surfaces | Image © PVDRS

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he bespoke interior design of this master bed, bath and dress, carefully employs a range of natural and contemporary materials put together seamlessly and complimented with a range of lighting features, in order to create a calm, pleasant and personal environment.

back-lit-panel | Image © PVDRS

Whilst the hand polished natural wood, and hand carved veneered back lit panel and hand woven fabric lend a personal character, the metal trimmed back painted glass, seamless Corain surfaces, frameless mirrors and glass doors generate an experience that is both contemporary and spacious.

the-'coffee'-corner | Image © PVDRS

The design intent was to carefully craft an interior with a strong emphasis on attention to detail. The coffee ‘corner’ in the bedroom comprises of hand crafted teak wood chairs with natural polish.

craft-and-attention-to-detail_01 | Image © PVDRS

Finger joint detailing was used and wood was personally selected to ensure that the direction of the grains concur with the linear patterns of the upholstery. Likewise, the knots in the chest as well as the suspended lamp were symmetrically ‘placed’.

lighting-mateirals-colours | Image © PVDRS

Lighting played a significant role in this project. Ambient lighting was provided through directional down lighters and background mood lighting was achieved through a variety of features, including under-counter LED strip lighting, backlit panels and suspended lamps. Energy efficient LED fixtures and invertor AC were provided in order to reduce energy use.

wardrobe-with-integrated-TV | Image © PVDRS

Comfort was enhanced through the provision of lighting automation and a Television that was seamlessly integrated within the wardrobe.

Pull-out-TV-for-viewing | Image © PVDRS

Whilst the six lighting scenes could be controlled by means of a remote from the comfort of the bed, the integrated Television can be swivelled out offering the choice to watch favourite programs from the comfort of the coffee chairs.

contemporary-and-personalised-space_02 | Image © PVDRS

In the clients’ words, ‘this was a new home within a home. It was bedroom that turned to be a living space during the day and the bath was indeed a spa’.

craft-and-attention-to-detail_02 | Image © PVDRScelebrative-mood-lighting | Image © PVDRSbespoke-handmade-lamp | Image © PVDRSuse-glass-and-mirror-to-extend-space | Image © PVDRS material-pallatte | Image © PVDRS craft-and-attention-to-detail_03 | Image © PVDRS







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