Pixel Façade, Mumbai

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 03

Project Name: Pixel Façade (Chartered Accountant Office)
Location: Mumbai – India
Typology:  Office Space
Architectural Firm: FACILIS architecture and interior design studio
Architects/Designers Name: Ar. Gauri Shah
Project Completion: 2017
Built-up Area: 645 Sq. ft.
Image Courtesy: Mr Ravi Kanade

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 02

Pixel Façade forms the nucleus of the design concept of this office. The “Pixel Façade” merges this contemporary office environment with the biophilic environment, to create the next generation office design.

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 03

“Biophilic” designs are known to refer human connection to nature and to improve health and wellbeing of spaces we live and work in.  These designs can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought.

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 04

The office being a glass façade building has a little fresh air and light filtering in. Additionally the requirement of a non-transparent cabin for the director could have made the office look “dungeonish” and very uninteresting.

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 06

The deliberate off-center placement of the lean jelly window serves the purpose of giving privacy to the directors from the visitors, and adds needed openness to the cabin as well.

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 05

The worktop for the interns in the centre of the office scales up the wall and terminates as a ceiling displaying the services, values, expertise of the firm, and gives a bold welcoming element at the entrance.

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 08

Understated colours like shades of grey, white & blue are enhanced with wooden tiles underlay and green planters on the “Pixel Façade”. The purplish floral fabric is instrumental in adding vital softness to the décor of office.

Facilis_CA_Office_Mumbai 01