Portugal Beiriz House

Project Name: Beiriz House
Project Location: Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Architectural Group: Raulino Silva
Principal Architect/Designer: Raulino Silva
Project Completion Year:
Project Type: Residential

Image Courtesy: João Morgado

Beiriz House

The allotment of Violantas was designed along a street with lots on both sides and is located in the parish of Beiriz.

The surrounding area has fields for cultivating corn and grass, but to the west in the distance you can already see the “towers” of the city, in Póvoa de Varzim.

The narrow and long lot, with a wide area for implantation and construction, made it possible to organize the volumes according to the needs of single-family housing.

In the street, it was mandatory to maintain and rebuild the granite wall that separates the parking area and the car circulation area.

The entrance on the North side made it possible to open the interior spaces for the best solar orientation (South and West), protecting the home from the north wind and also from the noise of the road on the east side.

On the lower floor, the corridor on the north side with the suspended stairs connecting to the upper floor, allows communication between the various spaces.

In the front area we have the living and dining room, next to the kitchen that opens onto the outside deck of the pool.

In the rear area we have the closed garage for two cars, the technical area and the laundry. On this floor we have another small room facing the pool and a bathroom.

On the top floor, we have two volumes, on the back volume we have the three suites with dressing rooms and a common balcony open to the South, over the pool. In the volume next to the street we have the office that extends to the terrace over the living room.

About Architect Raulino Silva

Raulino Silva nasceu em Vila do Conde em 1981, onde vive e trabalha, é casado e tem dois filhos. Colaborou com alguns arquitectos na cidade do Porto, onde se formou como arquitecto na Escola Superior Artística do Porto. Ainda estudante participou no workshop de arquitectura de Bergamo, organizado pela Faculdade de Arquitectura de Milão, em Itália.