Private Apartment, Milan, Italy

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

Project Name: Private Apartment, Milan, Italy
Architectural Group: crisitiana vannini | arc 
Principal Architect/Designer: Cristiana Vannini
Other Consultants: Ornella Suriano + massimo caiazzo (color consultant)
Project Location:
Project Year (Duration): 
Project Type: Residential, Renovation & Interior Design
Image Courtesy: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri 

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

A German artist naturalized Milanese and her apartment in a historic building in the city Centre of Milan.

The building dates back to 1892, conceived as a Hospital. It became a theatre in the thirties, then a cinema and an arcade (at last).

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy


The Architect and the client wanted to retrieve the spaces’ retrò stylistic vocation and, on the other hand, to completely transform the original apartment layout.

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

The Aim of the project was to create a dynamic layout over the old basic one, with light and airy spaces furnished with design and art pieces.

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

The founding points of the design intent were the creation of focal points and perspective alignments, attention to details and light treated as a material.

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

The joinery unit separates the living and kitchen area from the bedrooms and bathrooms area.

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

A pair of big sliding doors divide the kitchen from the living, finished to match the joinery unit, inspired by the fifties streaked Italian motif called “rigatino” and treated with a transparent gloss paint which gives them an iridescent look.

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

All the ceramic floors are inspired by the historic handcrafted “graniglia” floors.

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy

The original beamed ceiling has been restored and reinforced and given a new life considering the chromatic design of the surfaces conceived in collaboration with a color consultant.

cristiana vannini | arc, Milan, Italy



living sofa: Flexform

carpet: design by Elena von Hessen
living small table: 1970s small steel table

leather sofa:  Biedermeier

2 tables near the kitchen doors: Panker Design

big artwork with monkeys : artist Ernst Kahl

sculpture:  artist Anna  Bogouchevskaia

kitchen: custom furnishings

corridors: custom furnishings (bookcases)



Corridors:  FLOS_ WAN SPOT  (ceiling)

Main Bathroom: Egoluce yoda (mirror lamps)

Small bathroom and kitchen: FLOS_ button /minibutton (ceiling)

Small bathroom: XAL_ corner (mirror lamps)



kitchen, main bathroom, small bathroom: 14oraitaliana, iGattipardi



cristianavannini | arc is a Milan based interior design practice founded and headed by the architect Cristiana Vannini and it is composed by a young and trendy team of interior designers.

cristianavannini | arc  is a responsive, client-focused firm that provides high quality architectural services in the interior, exhibit and retail design sector.

cristianavannini | arc assist its clients at every stage, from initial concept to completion.

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