Professional tips on how to clean your carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Professional tips on how to clean your carpet

Carpets are one of the hardest home or building materials to clean. It tends to have an unpleasant odor after a week or two if not cleaned properly, it stains easily and dents easily whenever furniture or any heavy object is placed or rested on it. These are the most common types of carpet problems people experience regularly.

Not knowing how to clean your carpets the right way would mean a regular struggle to address these typical carpet problems. Anybody who owns carpets would relate to this. It happens all the time; you work almost the whole day brushing, soaping and drying the carpet, trying to remove all the stains and dirt that has accumulated and trying to eliminate  the irritating odor, but somehow the results are never satisfying.. It still has traces of stains and grime and most often it still smells funny.

Carpets are designed to be walked on. It somehow gives a touch of class to the living room or office floor, not to mention it really looks nice with furniture. But the fact remains, people walk on these with their shoes which probably stepped on God knows what, it can be mud or sticky stuff like gums, it can be sand, and sometimes things which are better left unsaid. Pets also add up to this, fur usually sticks to the carpet fiber and can be a nuisance at times. The odor comes from a lot of possible sources. Damp fiber usually smells bad and molds can develop and emit foul smelling substances. Considering all these, you probably need to find effective solutions to your carpet problems.

Statewide Solutions, a damage restoration company from New Jersey, shares these easy carpet cleaning tips

Removing Stains

Stains are usually hard to remove when it already dried up on your carpet. The best way to avoid having stubborn stain is to clean it up while it is still fresh. When you see fresh stains get a piece of cloth or an unused sponge and pat the area. Make sure not to rub it in as this may result in the substance going deeper into the fibers.

If the procedure doesn’t work well and there are still stains left on the carpet, try dipping the cloth or sponge in water and repeat the procedure. Remember, tap not rub. If you’re not satisfied, try mixing carpet soap with water and apply it using the same procedures mentioned above.

Eliminating carpet odors

Like we said, carpet odors come from a lot of sources. It can be from spilled food or drinks, shoes that stepped on something disgusting, or worse, molds that develop when the carpet is damp. The most basic way of eliminating odors is to take it out, wash it with detergent and let it hang out under the sun to dry, this is for removable carpets. For permanently installed carpets, the procedure is the same; wash it with mild detergent and as little water as possible. The difference is you may have to use a fan or a blower to help it dry up. Just make sure it dries up thoroughly so as to avoid giving molds an environment to thrive on (molds grow in damp places).

Removal of unattractive dents

Carpet dents are caused by the legs of tables and chairs, couch, bed or any type of furniture resting on top of the carpet. Using a brush, gently move your hand around the affected area. The brush will help pull out the fibers to its former glory. Or try putting ice cubes on the dented area. You’ll be surprised to see that this procedure actually works. As the cubes melt on top of the dent, the reaction is the slow “fluffing” up of the dented area.