Rouzan Residential Building, Iran

Project Name: Rouzan Residence
Location: Iran
Typology:  Residential
Architectural Firm: Charchoob Architecture Office
Architects/Designers Name: Sayed Hamed Jafari, Other consultant: Azadeh Gaminian
Client: Drs. Semsarzadeh

Project Completion: 2019
Total Area: 620 sq. m
Built-Up Area: 202 sq. m

Iranian architecture has manifested in Isfahan where many valuable traditional historic works have been constructed. However, beside this texture, the urban decay has constituted a vast area of the city.

Most of the residential buildings of this texture are unprofessionally built in narrow small alleys, using local but poor materials.

Their residents are mostly the middle and low-income classes of the society.

The former building of the project was one of these houses.

On one hand, the employer, in his youth, had the experience of living in a traditional house with all of its components including private quarters, yard, pool, and refreshing gardens. He thus intended to make memory of his past while possessing a prominent, modern house with reasonable construction cost.

Rozan Building – Hamed Jafari

On the other hand, he required two apartment units for dwelling and two other for selling and making money. The buildings had to have special technical and visual attractions in order to be sold.

Therefore, aligning these two goals and identifying the solution for this problem were the challenges of design and ideation.

Therefore, the plans were designed with the maximum occupancy according to the standards of the respective Municipality. Given the climate of Isfahan, for the facade design purpose, the translucent surfaces and windows were first specified according to the standards, and then exactly adjusted by Ecotect simulator.

To maintain privacy based on the plan, the living room, bedroom and/or kitchen were arranged differently on the shell. In order to prevent extreme entrance of sun light, a canopy was also designed and verified by Ecotect software, and mobility was added to it manually and automatically.

Afterwards, to prevent uniformity in the facade shape, distinguish it from adjacent buildings, and build flower boxes in the body in front of openings, dynamic yet simple, modern and perceptible drawdowns were formed.

For the interior design, motions and dynamics of the exterior facade were reflected inside the house and plotted the interior design.

Niches and corridors in the living room and parents’ room were devised as traditional buildings, and an indelible sense was created in a modern space.

About Charchoob Architecture Office

Charchoob Architecture Office has been working in the construction industry for 12 years, and since 2008 Seyed Hamed Jafari has been running the Charchoob Architecture Office, and since 2011 he has been professionally designing architecture and building construction and interior decoration in Isfahan.
The honors he has gained over the years are as follows:

– A Design Award 2020 Italy ,wining Iron Medal for “Rouzan Residential Building” project in Architecture and Building Structure
-2A Asia Award 2019 ,Finalist in Residential Catergory ,”Rouzan Residential Building”
-Design And Project Published in many website same as , and more
-First place in the design of the tomb of two martyrs in Azad University of Dolatabad Barnch,Isfahan,Iran 2015
-Selected and appreciated design in the design competition of Kish Island’s Nations Square,Iran ,2019
-Their Project design was honored in the Iranian interior architecture competition in 2013