Tree House, Vadodara

TH[2] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

TH[2] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

Architectural Group: Dipen Gada & Associates
Principal Designer: Dipen Gada
Design Team: Foram Patel & Dolly Pari
Client: Mr. Choksi
Project Location: Vadodara, Gujrat-India
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 4545 sqft
Project Type: Residential
Site Co-ordinator: Bharat Mistry
Image Copyright/Courtesy: Tejas Shah
Text: Aanal Adalja
News Source: From the office of Dipen Gada & Associates

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ituated in Vadodara, the Tree house is conceptualized as an interior-architectural project, where there is no clear distinction, where the architectural work ends and the interior work begins. The brief of the client was simple, to create a home that veers away for the stereotypes. The firm came up with a solution where the planning is simple and functional. The open plan of the house well connects all the spaces. A preference for clean lines and austerity is reflected in the overall design scheme.

TH[1] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

[quote style=”1″]The front façade of this 4545 sq.ft. Residence is dominated by cut out of a tree in cement sheet, which acts as source of natural light simultaneously rendering interesting play of light in interior spaces[/quote]

A stone statue welcomes one at the entry vestibule where soft beams of light from the tree cut out illuminates the area. The entrance foyer has a striking partition made of doubled veneered motifs that leads one to the living room. This room is simple with L-shaped sofa and a striking river polish mint stone wall with jet spayed tree motif continuing the feel of the façade treatment. The center table is chic with veneer finish. The side tables with brass leaf cut out leaves a lasting impression.

TH[5] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

As one enters the house at the north-east corner is located the Pooja room. This room is flooded with immense natural light through a ceiling cutout which also doubles up as a water body for the terrace above. A stark butching mint stone wall enhances the idol in front.

TH[21] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

Dining area located centrally with the backdrop of staircase is contemporary with glass table top and wooden chairs. An attractive wooden lamp tailor made from a vase adds drama and life to the space.

TH[7] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

TH[8] | Photograph by Tejas Shah




The staircase is beautifully done in RCC and Jodhpur stone treads which are finished with a wood colour paint that renders a unique elegance to the space. The staircase runs free from the wall with a backdrop of wall clad with river polish mint stone. An amalgamation of three tailor made lamps with motifs of leaves cut in veneer renders infused light and interesting sciography on the mint stone wall; is one of the most dramatic areas of the house.





Located in the south east is the kitchen which has a simple plan with a breakfast counter at the center and white veneer finish furniture, to break the monotony a little green is added.

TH[12] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

On the ground floor also located is the parent’s room. The flooring is Italian marble same as the general flooring for the house. The theme for the room is kept simple and subtle reflecting the nature of its inhabitants. The bed is beautiful with bed back done in water jet leaf motif. The room spills out to an outdoor sit out space semi covered with M.S. pergolas coated in wooden colour epoxy paint.

TH[3] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

On the first floor of this house is located the master bedroom and daughter’s room.

Master bedroom is elegant with wooden flooring. Veneers finish furniture,reverse lights and a subtle white paint running through the walls and ceiling completes the look of the space. One of the most interesting features here is the master bathroom. It is large with Italian marble flooring and counter top. Dado is of beige Traviteno marble. The shower cubicle wall is clad in chiseled mintstone. This wall is flooded with ample natural light by a double height skylight with aluminum pergolas, creating a beautiful play light.

TH[9] | Photograph by Tejas ShahTH[23] | Photograph by Tejas ShahTH[22] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

Located on the northwest corner on the first floor is the daughter’s room. The furniture is done with PU finish. The space is made vibrant with wall papers and paintings. One of the bedroom windows overlooks the elevation tree motif rendering an interesting sciography on the interior wall.

TH[10] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

Bathroom here is done in matte finish rustic tiles and the counter top and dado is done in grey William Italian marble as a stark contrast. Natural light filters softly over potted plants through a slit in the ceiling. Shower area is bright with Picallo mosaic tiles and reverse light.

TH[15] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

On the second floor is the guest room that doubles up as home theatre room for the family. The room is exclusive with an exposed concrete ceiling with a combination of wooden plank texture and smooth finish concrete ceiling. Entry wall is of exposed brick with white paint that is scraped off leaving a rugged feel best suited for the space. Katni marble flooring accentuates the warmth of the space. Sofa that doubles up as a bed is unique; made of Burmese teak with special handmade tiles set in the bed pull out and also has a canopy. This canopy is covered with a fine silk fabric from Seasons. Lose cushions with vibrant cushion covers are scattered around for seating.

TH[16] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

The bathroom is done in Katni marble flooring and rustic 2’x2’ dado tiles. A large window flanks the shower area from where natural light filters in through the adjoining double height skylight. An interesting play of light is created on opposite wall as light spills in through aluminum pergolas.

TH[20] | Photograph by Tejas ShahTH[18] | Photograph by Tejas ShahTH[24] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

Adjoining terrace garden makes for a perfect space to unwind. The flooring is combination of Katni marble and mosaic tiles. An heirloom brass vessel is skillfully used as basin hung by brass chains. An antique brass spout is installed. A wooden gazebo with swing makes the space ideal for respite. Along with hard landscape soft landscape is done with lawn, flowering plants and shrubs.

TH[14] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

The clients had a requirement for a boutique that was incorporated in the basement. A metal spiral staircase with teak wood treads and wooden railing located at the entrance foyer leads us to the boutique. The double height staircase wall is unique with dhuni textre. The look chosen for this space is traditional with elaborately wood carved center table and cupboard legs. The cupboards have louvered shutters. All furniture of the room is painted white with polish that enhances the old-fashioned look chosen for the space.

TH[13] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

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