Undream Design by Mainak Ghosh

Illusion | Image © Mainak Ghosh

Desert Plethora | Image © Mainak Ghosh

[dropcap style=”1″ size=”3″]I[/dropcap]ntrigued by the mystical world of thoughts, driven by passion and tranquility to dive into the realms of human behavior is what forced him to pick up the brush and express the sublimity on canvas. An architect & experience designer by profession and an artist by choice, our  focus is on Mainak Ghosh, a young Bengali Christian from Kolkata.

Mainak Ghosh

Architect/Artists Name: Mainak Ghosh
Specialization: Mixed Media, Experimental, Pen & Ink
Location: Kolkata, INDIA
Website/Blog: undreamdesign.wordpress.com
Email: d.undream@gmail.com

Born in the year 1980, since childhood he made his interests quite evident by experimenting with various materials and media like colors, paper, clay, stone, wood & junks. To hone his skills further, at a very early stage of life he got trained in fine arts and crafts under master Ramananda ji, famous painter, in the aegis of Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture. And thereafter learning the basics of digital art in the premises of Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

Continuing his creative journey, he got graduated in Architecture from Jadavpur University and completed his masters in design from prestigious IIT Kanpur.

Over his professional work span of around 6 years as Experience and Design consultant, he got an opportunity to travel across the globe and to explore and interact with people from diversified cultures and geography.

[quote style=”1″]Abstract depiction of real world scenarios has been my subject of interest[/quote]

Illusion | Image © Mainak Ghosh

His proclivity towards capturing the ‘perceptions’ is also visible in his educational works as ‘sublime aspects of architectural awareness and perception of the society towards it’ and ‘ unraveling the conceptual model of perception of subjective information’, which constitutes the content of his architectural and master’s thesis.

He has recently founded ‘Undream Design’, which is a creative consulting firm based out of Kolkata and focusing on assimilation of Art and Architecture, beautification, staging including landscape, artistry, illumination etc.

[quote style=”1″]Interacting with people with different cultures definitely widens the outlook and vision[/quote]

The versatile architect-artist has a strong flair for teaching and academics. He has been actively associated with various renowned institutions including IITs, Jadavpur University, School of Illumination Science, Engineering and Design, Kanpur University, Loreto College etc. Very active and motivated speaker and author, he has presented in various forums including Indian Institute of Architects and Young Architects Festival, India.

Society and beyond | Image © Mainak GhoshHuman thoughts, various characters their interactions with habitat, nature and other individual/s is his subject of interest. This feature has been especially evolved through the artists vision of urban dwellers, dwellings, gadgets, lifestyle related intricacies and ease; often a splash of nature creeping in. Mostly mixed media sketches, pen & ink, poster, acrylic, water-color, sometimes with intervention of digital medium; The artist has a strong affinity towards hand-drawn sketches and intricate pattern augmentation.

Early this year, Mainak exhibited his work in a group exhibition named as ‘T – a confluence’, which was a unique amalgamation of artworks by three different individuals from three different walks of life, a doctor, a painter and an architect. The exhibition was organized in G.C. Laha Centenary Art Gallery, Kolkata. The exhibition was inaugurated by famous painter, Ganesh Haloi, and has been visited by various eminent personalities from art fraternity and media.

Glimpse | Image © Mainak GhoshIllusion[2] | Image © Mainak GhoshBuilding Hopes  | Image © Mainak Ghosh


[pullquote align=”right”]Human thoughts, various characters their interactions with habitat, nature and other individual/s is his subject of interest. Visually his works have a typical entwined and entangled look blissfully chaotic yet harmonizing.[/pullquote]His recent exhibition ‘Silence is a Lie’ is hosted in Berlin, Germany. ‘Silence is a Lie’ has been questioning the conventional forms of art, its philosophy and commerce around it. It is about urban art movement that rethinks and questions actual parameters of art without even intending to do so.

Two of his creations, are part of this international exhibition now, Illusion and Society and Beyond. He is the only artist selected from India for this exhibition

Curing Struggle | Image © Mainak GhoshSouthern Blues | Image © Mainak GhoshGrowing Up | Image © Mainak Ghosh


Last Breath | Image © Mainak Ghosh

Mystic Bath | Image © Mainak GhoshRestless Meditation | Image © Mainak Ghosh


[learn_more caption=”Awards/Exhibitions”]
  • 2012 – Silence is a Lie – Berlin, Germany
  • 2012 – T–a confluence, G.C. Laha Centenary Art Gallery, Kolkata, INDIA
  • 2006 – Architectural Thesis bagged Gold medal
  • 2006 – University Gold Medalist and Alumni Award