Vadodara Bharuch Toll Plaza, Gujarat

VB[6] | Image © Archohm

VB[6] | Image © Archohm

Project Name: Vadodara Bharuch Toll Plaza, Gujarat
Architectural Group: Archohm, Noida
Principal Architect: Sourabh Gupta
Design Team: Shahzad Ahmad, Rachna Mittal
Client: L&T IDPL Ltd.
Project Location: NH8 , Gujarat
Project Area: 76895 Sq. M
Built-Up Area: 3860 Sq. M
Project Type: 
Project Year (Completion): March, 2010
Image Courtesy: Archohm, Noida

VB[1] | Image © Archohm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oll plazas are one of the most neglected forms of contemporary architecture even though millions of people use it every day; some to cross territories and others for employment. When the Vadodara Bharuch toll plaza was to be built on NH 8 in Gujarat, the client wanted to create a new bench mark in the toll plaza industry.

VB[11] | Image © Archohm

This led to intensive research that broke down the toll plaza into fundamental elements based on need, form and function. Essential to a tolling system are island booths to seat people who collect the toll, a canopy for weather protection, an office or management block and a tunnel to connect the islands with the management.

VB[12] | Image © Archohm

The most interesting aspect of a toll plaza is that it never sleeps- functionally, it has to operate round the clock.

VB[3] | Image © Archohm

The canopy and booth were found to play an important role in creating a strong visual dialogue; the brief hence, was the ‘best canopy’. Various ideas were conceived and it was finally decided to recreate the notion of ‘canopy’ itself by removing it altogether and providing independent winged shelters.

VB[13] | Image © Archohm

The wing-like membrane structures are devised, so that they can be vertically aligned for most of the months, with a mechanically controlled system for weather protection. For the additional safety of the employees, concrete booths are designed and exaggerated to a height of 10 meters.

VB[2] | Image © Archohm

Functionally, these tall dramatic structures provide an increased visibility to the approaching traffic, while their colored signage-centric lighting helps enhance the entire visual experience of the plaza.

VB[8] | Image © Archohm

The two prominent building blocks, namely the control block and the office block reflect the ‘wing’ concept, as they both comprise of wings, jutting out of central glass towers.

VB[5] | Image © Archohm

The control block has been positioned centrally for better visual access and future expansion options of the plaza. The office block stands adjacent to the site, which gives it additional privacy.

VB[7] | Image © Archohm

The blankness of the facades reduces the impact of smoke and sound on the buildings, due to heavy vehicular traffic. The courtyards and side windows are well-placed to capture natural light.

VB[4] | Image © Archohm

Experientially, Vadodara Bharuch toll plaza is like an oasis on the highway and marks the next generation of design in the tolling industry.

VB[10] | Image © Archohm Site_PlanSite_Section Control_Block_Plan Control_Block_Elevation Booth_Details












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