IVY, Vadodara

Centre Table In Foyer

Centre Table In Foyer | Image © UNEVEN

Project Name: IVY
Architectural Group: UNEVEN
Client Name: Anjna & Radhika
Principal Architect/Designer: Dexter Fernandes & Shourya Patel
Project Location: 
Vadodara, Gujrat-India
Project Year (Duration): 
Built up Area: 
1005.90  sq.ft.
Project Type: 
Retail Interiors (Flower Boutique)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]vy flower boutique in Vadodara has everything to appeal to your finer senses, the hypnotizing earthy charm and a chic classy space, is an attraction to customers from all walks. The entire site was completed in a record time of just 8 days!

Entrance | Image © UNEVEN

In dusky lighting you might mistake the cement sheets to be wooden battens, but the sheets along with the glass door become the front foyer facade. The floor is done in rough Kota broken with a cement patch that has champa leaves imprinted on it. This raw, rustic image also sets the tone for rest of the space. This rustic theme sets as a perfect backdrop for all the pieces on display.

Flower Shop | Image © UNEVEN

Foyer Connected With Lounge | Image © UNEVENTeak-wood logs make the curtain wall which is the backdrop for fresh flowers. Aluminium buckets hold the fresh, colorful flowers. All materials have been used in their natural state to bring out the freshness of the space.

Flowers were fabricated and used in the exteriors, interiors and also the front facade. They are a very obvious display of the shop theme.

The fresh flower section is very tactfully placed next to the ‘kaarigar’ area.

The dining table display sits against the background made up of the mosquito net poles that were salvaged from a ‘kabadiwala’. This central space has been left open, as it is from here that a customer would go to the lounge, kaarigars or the office.

Simple pom poms are hung from jute threads. They stand out in the backdrop of the light feature, made out of PVC pipes.

The merchandise of the shop sits pretty against the mirror, a contrast of materials, color and textures.

Lounge View | Image © UNEVEN

Beaded curtains next to the arched wall, leads you to the lounge area. The look of the entire boutique is casual, raw and elegant and on the other hand the lounge area it is a statement of finesse and classic richness. Kota flooring gives way to wooden flooring raised by few inches which end with a black tile patch. This space is screened by a bead curtain and a simple curtain of zero watt lights. The walls alongside have imprints of leaves and flower petals in a deep gold, asserting the theme of the space.

Interior Layout Plan | Image © UNEVEN

The lighting elements used to light up the spaces have a tale of their own. One of the light fixture was created using PVC pipes. The pipes were cut and painted in dark brown color of wood, they were then fixed to a wooden base and had bulbs fixed within.

Lounge | Image © UNEVEN

The lounge is done up in rich materials and textures. The brocade cushions, Ethnic print wall paper and the statue make a unique composition.

Fabricated Flower | Image © UNEVENThe beauty of the project is the way materials have been chosen and used. The wall treatment, white wash and packing wood cladding are inexpensive and attractive at the same time. Spaces flow into each other, connected by certain details like huge flower cut outs, or a wall treatment continued. Each space is differentiated by function, yet are connected by the use of materials and textures. The interior elements also flow to the exteriors. Huge cut out of flowers custom fabricated, are randomly placed in the display sections, in the front foyer and in the garden.

Ivy is like a flower garden full of woody growth, color tones adhering to golden hues and browns; and in this background, the flowers fill in the vivid colors.


Artefacts | Image © UNEVEN Details | Image © UNEVEN Foyer[2] | Image © UNEVEN







[author] [author_image]http://www.howarchitectworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/dexter_fernandes.jpg[/author_image] [author_info]Uneven is an architectural design firm with a multi-disciplinary approach based out of Vadodara, Gujarat. Founded by two passionate and young architects, Dexter and Shourya who complement each other and are known for their minimalist and sober designs.[/author_info] [/author]