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Orangewood-Labs-logoOrangewood labs is a design-led tech studio established with a vision to fuse design with the technology, whose work seamlessly weaves interior and exterior spaces, from large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details.  We believe a good design is a timeless design that shapes society and gets shaped by society simultaneously.

Orangewood Labs is driven by the principles of creativity, originality, consideration, and enthusiasm. The 15-member team at Orangewood Labs is from diverse disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Furniture design, Graphic Design, and engineering. We always have an unquenchable thirst for what is new, interesting, exciting and creative.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a personalized and customized design that goes beyond their imagination. We conceive an exclusive and chic design that not only reflect our client’s taste and preferences but also enriches their lives. Our design reflects the style, desires, and personality of our clients that are sophisticated, subtle and elegant.

Minimalistic yet rooted, our design philosophy is based upon the idea of ‘architecture of presence’. We are a group of believers with big hearts, good instincts, and uncommon curiosity.

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