The BARASINGHA collection by Varrun Motihar

Barasingha Collection | Image © MOVA1 Studio

Architectural Group: MOVA 1 Studio
Architect/Designer: Varrun Motihar
Project Location: Gurgaon, India
Project Year: 2012
Project Type: Architectural Products/Furniture Design
Image Copyright/Courtesy: MOVA1 Studio
News Source: From the office of MOVA1 Studio

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nspired by the crudeness of the woods blended with the elegance, is what has taken shape in the form of latest furniture series ‘The Barasingha Collection’ by Interior Architect & Designer Varrun Motihar.

MS[9] | Image © MOVA1 Studio

Varrun is an interior and furniture designer who resides in New Delhi. He is director of MOVA1 Studio, based out of Gurgaon.

Talking about his latest furniture design series ‘The Barasingha collection’, he says “The  furniture of the barasingha collection expresses the primal desires and fears associated with forest life.”

MS[10] | Image © MOVA1 Studio

Reflected in the form of each piece is the essence of delicacy, the intelligence, the poise and organic force found in the flora and fauna of the forest.

MS[2] I Image © MOVA1 Studio

[quote style=”1″] Pared to an essence, the barasingha collection seeks to reflect both the manifest feelings of danger that come with the exotic, and the personal identification that comes with the familiar[/quote]

MS[8] I Image © MOVA1 Studio

About self he adds “My interest in Design is particularly informed by a consciousness of the way interior environments influence human experience. I am always aware of how a meticulous design selection can promote and support spaces for harmonious interaction. This awareness is what motivates my practice.”

MS[11] I Image © MOVA1 Studio

Varrun’s multidimensional approach is visible in his designs and is naturally inclined towards liberal arts, which he attributes to his family of art historians, artists and writers.

MS[5] | Image © MOVA1 Studio

In his short span as a working designer, he has conceptualized and fabricated spaces ranging from residential homes and apartments, corporate offices and labs, hotel and spa getaways, and premier apparel and home furnishing retailers.


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