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Architecture_BRIO[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rchitecture BRIO is actively engaged in the creation of contextually appropriate solutions within an increasingly changing world. Set up in Mumbai in April 2006, it is a design-based practice focusing primarily on the fields of Architecture and Interior Design. Its principals are Robert Verrijt (TUDelft, the Netherlands) and Shefali Balwani (C.E.P.T, India).

It is a practice that works with a thorough understanding of Architecture and its related fields. It seeks to develop design as its core strength and primary focus. Its uniqueness lies in the diverse backgrounds and cultures that its principals are rooted in. Combining exposure and knowledge in European forte of innovation and detailing with the richness of Asian tradition and culture it has developed a design philosophy that goes beyond the norm.

The firm works intensively with engineers, consultants, designers and the client, welcoming new insights that can lead to specific innovative solutions. It believes strongly in design as a process with an intensive dialogue. It uses models, both physical and virtual, as tools for communication between clients, engineers and architects. This encourages programmatic and engineering concepts to be fully integrated into the design right from the conception.

The practice currently has a broad range of projects both in the public and private realm. It thrives at the idea of this wide variety and scales of its projects and is not defined by a particular genre. Regardless of a projects scale, a common basis of the practice is its commitment to exemplary planning, design and execution. It approaches a design brief in an open and explorative manner before arriving at a common standpoint. This then acts as a clear concept, which guides the design process.

Architecture BRIO finds it important to stay connected to the field of academics and interacts with students through teaching and juries. The practice participates in various workshops both in India and Internationally. These include interactions with other architects, artists and a wide variety of design professionals. Architecture BRIO is strongly influenced by these related fields and emphasises on design and its representation methodology. The documentation and visualization of a project is therefore as significant as the final finished product.

Aesthetics, technological and environmentally friendly innovativeness are the corner stones of its guiding philosophy. Creating solutions for a context where architecture is continuously affected by scarcity is an inherent part of its design philosophy. Scarcity, whether it is in terms of the availability of materials and energy, building time, skilled labour, financial scarcity or restrictions due to remote locations of projects. Architecture BRIO’s approach to tackling these constraints is to search for smart solutions. The solutions should not only solve but also resonate the complex problems out which they arise in the first place.

The practice believes that there is a need to promote rapid, widespread acceptance of sustainable solutions. The challenge is to generate fresh ideas that carry out self-sufficient systems on a large scale. The potentials of new building techniques, re-appropriating materials in an effective and durable way, and intelligent energy concepts should be uncovered and integrated in an innovative way in architecture. With energy reduction and sustainability as a starting point attempts to create innovative and exciting architecture. BRIO, much like the name, is about buildings that give energy both literally and metaphorically and therefore inspire and make people happy.

Principal Architects:

Robert VerrijtShefali Balwani

Robert Verrijt                                                                 Shefali Balwani

[note color=”#e1e1e0″]Architecture BRIO, Mumbai

6 Solanki House, 4th Road, Khar West, Mumbai, 400052

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Year of Establishment – 2006

No. of Employees: 10

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