Deepshikha Jain, Mumbai

Deepshikha Jain

Deepshikha_JainName of the Architect/Artist: Deepshikha Jain
Location:  Mumbai, India
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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]eepshikha Jain is a Architectural, Industrial and Travel Photographer from Bombay, India. After graduating in Architecture from Bombay, she pursued a Master’s in Photography from Paris. She can easily be seen as a hybrid, having embraced one world without abandoning the other. Having a flair for Travel and Architecture/ Infrastructure she has traveled across the Indian sub continent and parts of Europe and the UK, some times just to see why a certain piece of Architecture/ Infrastructure was so rated and at times to be mesmerized by it.


Part of a conference on ‘Architecture and our city’, alongwith prominent architects – Brinda Somaya and Mustansir Dalvi, hosted by Avid Learning in collaboration with Studio X and Timeout India.

Group show, V U E, Wahington D.C, U.S.A.
Solo show, The Kala Ghoda Gallery, Bombay, India.
Solo show, Studio X, Bombay, India.

Group show, Chambre Avec Vues, Paris, France.

Domus, Feb 2012 (cover, photo essay and story)
Indian Architects and Builders, March 2012 (photo essay)

To see more works by Deepshikha Jain, visit her website: www.deepshikhajain.com

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