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Gaurav Kapoor

Layers Studios Logo[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ayers Studios for Design & Architecture (LSDA) understands that built environments in today’s times are complex structures with numerous overlapping layers of activity, functions, usage patterns, aesthetics, desires and prospects for the future. We, at our studio, try to understand all the needs of our clients from their projects and provide comprehensive design solutions based on their individual requirements and aspirations. Working in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Design and Interior design, the aim of the practice has been to incorporate local traditions, international ideas, respect for the environment and cutting edge technology in its design sensibilities.

[quote style=”1″]We strongly believe that all design activity should be a way of life, which governs our decisions at every point in our daily lives[/quote]

The studio also collaborates with professionals from various related fields such as product & furniture design, interaction design, craftsmen and even the humble mason on the site to develop its ideas and designs.

Neha & Gaurav

Currently, the studio is based in Delhi and is headed by Neha Bhardwaj and Gaurav Kapoor, architecture graduates from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

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Principal Architects/Founders
Gaurav Kapoor
Neha Bhardwaj

Interior Design
Landscape Design
Product & Furniture Design

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