Matthew Talbot-Kelly, Pondicherry


Matthew_Talbot-KellyMatthew has been a digital and analog creator for over 25 years. Since receiving a B. of Arch., MTK’s output spreads from film & TV, to art & installations, from exhibition, graphics & broadcast design, to animation and iOS app creation. In 2005, Matthew founded the film, animation & design studio Glimpse Digital Ltd. He is the director of 2 films Blind Man’s Eye (2007) & The Trembling Veil of Bones (2010). In 2010, Matthew brought his restless creative spirit and part-time good humour to the founding and creation of mobile digital content production company Moving Tales Inc, the creators of the bestselling app The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross (among others). MTK’s efforts have received some individual and shared accolades, including Best Director (TTV of B at 2010 Leo’s) Best Animated Film (TTV of B at 2011 Victoria Film Festival), a runner-up for DBW 2011’s Publishing Innovation Award (PLoGC), 2005 Gold ICAD Award (DDN show opening), 2005 Emmy Award, (HBO’s Rome, Best VFX), and an 2004 Academy Award nomination (iRobot, Best VFX). Some recent public speaking events in which Matthew participated include: in October 2010, gave an NFB sponsored Animation Master Class in Vancouver; in September 2011, featured artist at Laboritorio 02, and in Oct 2011, TEDx talk in Sechelt, BC.

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