MONOLAB Architects, Netherlands

MONOLABMONOLAB ( is a Rotterdam-based practice for advanced research and design in urbanism and architecture, founded in 1999. Simplicity (mono) is linked to experiment (lab).
Monolab delivers advanced and highly integrated projects through simple and crystal clear concepts with high heartbeats. The projects handle complex issues and are fully integrated in their context and our contemporary culture. In order to design projects that join our speeding culture and to reveal the hidden and lost potentials in urbanism and architecture, Monolab avoids quests for ‘problems-that-have-to-be-solved’ and instead concentrates on chances and prospects through a positive attitude.

Principal Architect | Jan Willem van Kuilenburg
Principal Architect | Jan Willem van Kuilenburg
[note color=”#e1e1e0″]MONOLAB Architects
Heemraadssingel 145, 3022 CD Rotterdam, Netherlands
Phone | +31 – (0)6-17612036[/note]


  • Architecture
  • Product Design
  • Urbanism

Year of Establishment: 1999

No. of Employees: 2-6

Do your offer Student Internship: Yes

Listed Projects

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