Rainbow Tower, Milan

Project Name: Torre Arcobaleno – Rainbow Tower, Milan
Architectural Group: Original Designers 6R5 Network, Milan
Design Team: Francesco Roggero, Albino Pozzi, Rita Alfano Roggero and Kiyoto Ishimoto
Project Type:
Project Completion Year: 2015
Photography: Gianni Dal Magro
Footage and photos with drone: Stefano Scarpiello


The Rainbow Tower, recognizable sign in the urban and emotional landscape of Milan, symbol of the fashion and design capital, has returned to shine. Architect of the project is the Architecture Division of the Milan studio Original Designers 6R5 Network, particularly with professionals Francesco Roggero, Albino Pozzi, Rita Alfano Roggero and Kiyoto Ishimoto.


Thanks to the restoration by Bazzea-B Construction Technology, Condor, Row Solutions, Mapei, Marazzi, under the patronage the Office of public works and street furniture of the Milan City Council and hosted by the State Railways.

The work costs have been fully assumed by the companies and architects gathered around project, according to the intent of the operation fund: a tribute to Milan and visitors that the city will host the occasion of Expo 2015.


La Torre was born five years ago, on the occasion of the World Cup which Italy hosted in 1990 , when the same study Original Designers 6R5 Network and companies Mapei, Marazzi and Tadini riqualificarono anonymous reservoir placed within the perimeter of the important call railway Milano Porta Garibaldi, giving the city a colorful symbol of Milanese creativity.


The Garibaldi area, redesigned today around the square Gae Aulenti, finds himself in the Rainbow Tower his “Totem Ceramic Colours”, to remember the Italian Potters Masters and artisan origins of an industry recognized around the world as excellence of Made in Italy.


The modernisation work of the famous Torre Arcobaleno (Rainbow Tower) at Porta Garibaldi has been completed and was presented today, under the patronage of Milan City Council and in association with the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Gruppo FS Italiane railway authorities.


Dating back to 1964 and once upon a time an anonymous water reservoir on the site of the important FS Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station, the Tower was first renovated ahead of the football World Cup held in Italy in 1990, a project that turned a downtrodden public works into a highly recognisable urban beacon.


Since then, the Torre Arcobaleno has been a highly significant building for the city, a distinctive symbol of Milan’s colour and creativity, and has gradually become known as a major landmark.


A number of top companies came together with those handling the first refurbishment since 1990 to enable this unusual urban structure – clad with more than 100,000 coloured ceramic tiles – to regain all its original brightness of 25 or so years ago to mark the amazing presence of Expo 2015.


The partner firms in the Torre Arcobaleno renovation project, carried out with the supervisory approval of the City of Milan Public Works and Urban Furnishing Department as the guests of the Italian State Railways, were BazzeaB Construction Technology, Condor, Fila Solutions, Mapei andMarazzi.


Now as then, in 1990, the project was prepared and the works organised by the Architecture Division of the Milan firm Original Designers 6R5 Network, represented by Francesco Roggero, Albino Pozzi, Rita Alfano Roggero and Kiyoto Ishimoto.


The renovation – all the costs of which were met by the project’s partner companies and architects – is a gift to Milan and the millions of visitors it will be welcoming during Expo 2015. The works were completed in just 71 days, employing 37 workers.


The Torre Arcobaleno forms part of the Wonderline project by Original Designers 6R5 Network, which has been running for a number of years, linking initiatives in the world of art and architecture with the theme of Colour. The colours of the Torre Arcobaleno express the desire to inhabit our planet intelligently, creating a harmony between technology, nature, innovation and tradition.


The Garibaldi zone of the nearby Piazza Gae Aulenti is the acknowledged nerve centre of the city’s Business, Fashion and Modern Architecture scenes. The zone, now restyled by futuristic skyscrapers, has adopted the Torre Arcobaleno as its “Colourful Ceramic Totem”, there to remind people of Italy’s Master Potters and the craft origins of an industry famous all over the world for its Italian Excellence.


Restoration Details:

71 days
1000 square meters of restored surface
5 partner companies
37 people involved

Start organizing activities
in July 2014

Restructuring beginning
April 15, 2015
fitting scaffolding

Restructuring end
June 25, 2015
RFI garden cleanup,
inserting antigraffito at the base of the tower

Project Scaffolding Structure

Coordinator Safety Plan
Dr / in / Arch Mario Marche

Footage and photos with drone
Stefano Scarpiello

Gianni Dal Magro