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Sahil Bagga

Sahil & Sarthak Logo[dropcap]S[/dropcap]arthak Sahil Design Co was founded in 2009 by two young designers Sahil Bagga & Sarthak Sengupta, with the strong belief that  Ethic, Ethnic and Ecology can be interwoven with our contemporary lifestyle. Ever since, the studio has designed productsand interiors that are beautiful, functional and ASAP “As Sustainable As Possible”.

Sarthak and Sahil

Our expertise lies in customizing products, furniture, Lighting and installations by the Innovative use of Indian craftsmanship and materials to furnish contemporary spaces such as boutique hotels, high end homes and landmark restaurants. The studio also provides wholistic design solutions such as creative management, knowledge of the overall production chain of the system, graphic & communication, and most importantly synchronizing all these different elements towards building an overall customer experience and creating meta systems for their clients that can yield future business opportunities and brand building frameworks.

Sarthak & Sahil are designers with diverse design backgrounds, who have mastered the art of synchronising their individual creative expressions to create projects and objects that are bold and reflective, provocative yet poetic.

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Sarthak Sengupta                                                     Sahil Bagga


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